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The Right Message at the Right Time

Delivered By
Pastor David L. Hicks
Delivered On
November 24, 2017 at 11:00 AM

The Right Message at the Right Time

From The Witnesses     Heb. 11 & 12                                            

A Message From a Cloud of Witnesses From the Balconies of Heaven


Noah’s Message          Heb 11:7

  • Don’t be afraid to work for God though it looks discouraging and impossible.
  • Even though some will not hear, be true to His Word.
  • Always be concerned about your family.

Abraham’s Message-   Heb. 11:8-10

  • Look for that city whose builder and maker is God.
  • Don’t be afraid to step out on God’s promises.
  • I left all to look for a city, and praise God I’ll have it

Moses Speaks to us…    Heb.11:23-29

  • Don’t be afraid to suffer for Christ.
  • The afflictions with the children of God are better than the pleasures of the World
  • You may go through many trials but God is able to roll back the waters.

John the Baptist and Steven’s Message-

  • Don’t be afraid to stand for God.
  • Stand against sin- stand against ecclesiastical religions.
  • The martyr’s crown is worth it all.

Paul the Apostle Speaks-

Don’t be disobedient to the heavenly vision.  Acts 26:19

Rahab the Harlot Speaks-

Don’t be afraid to trust the Blood

Enoch Speaks

  • Don’t be afraid to walk with God.
  • Walk with God because it pleases Him.
  • Walk with God No matter how bad things are.


The Right Message

at the Right Time

For the Last Days

DL Hicks 11/26/17

Heb. 12    


  • V1 – Let us lay aside everything that hinders us – lay aside every weight and sin that so easily entangles us – let us run with determination and perseverance – let us run with endurance and courage – let us run with patience and resolution


  • V2-3 -Let us be looking onward unto Jesus, the forerunner of our faith -In view of the joy that lay ahead of him, he endured - Who steadily endured all that hostility from sinfull men - So as to keep your own hearts from fainting, failing or giving up.


  • V5,6,7 – Don’t be discouraged or fainthearted when He has to show you where you are wrong -For whom the Lord loveith He will discipline – Let God train you.


  • V9 – Be under the authority of the Father – and learn how to live – enjoy life – live a better life


  • V12 – Lift up those hands that which hang down – stand firm on your shaky legs – (stiffen your drooping arm, stiffen the stand of your knocking knees)


  • V14 – Run swiftly, seek earnestly after peace with all men – Let it be your ambition -  stay out of quarrels – and holiness (sanctification) without which no man shall see the Lord


  • V15 – Look after one another, that no one misses or falls short of the grace of God – that no root of bitter fruit grows up to trouble you – and be a poison to many